FENTEC Smart Shelf

FENTEC Smart Shelf

FENTEC Smart Shelf is a real-time inventory solution, which can be used for managing hundreds of product labels automatically. Smart Shelf offers quicker process and more efficient storage management. The material availability is secured, which means increase in the productivity. Automatic identification reduces manual work and errors. The storage balance tracking, inventory and product ordering are automatized and real-time. FENTEC Smart Shelf provides more efficiency into industrial and logistics processes

Kanban Shelf

FENTEC Smart Shelf offers automatic product identification. The RFID tag in the product drawer is red when the drawer is placed in the restoration shelf. Smart Shelf knows when the drawer needs refilling and the product order is sent automatically to ERP or other information management system. Alert can be set up to FENTEC Smart Shelf, based on the product balance. This ensures product availability just on the right time.


FENTEC Smart Shelf can be integrated into information management systems, such as ERP or Asset Management System. This enables automatic product orders from stock directly to system, when the product balance alerts.


FENTEC Smart Shelf offers an intelligent service in managing products and small items in manufacturing environment. FENTEC Smart Shelf is easily adapted to other business sectors. Read more about the benefits below.

Automated product and storage management multiplies efficiency
  • Possibility to manage even hundreds of product labels
  • Quicker process and better storage management
  • Secured product availability, right products at the right time
  • Automatic and real-time product ordering
  • Human errors and delays are cut off when the manual work is reduced
  • Improved production management through data forwarded into customer's information management systems
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