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CERTEGO is a leading Nordic provider of complete security solutions, which means services are continuously developed. CERTEGO creates secure, innovative systems tailored to customer needs.

To modernize it's maintenance services, CERTEGO developed an mobile application for security solutions maintenance using NFC technology. The digital service provides clients real-time information about equipment’s condition and maintenance. The maintenance service process becomes more efficient and grows value to customer's business.

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How to digitalize and improve manual service process

CERTEGO wanted to digitalize its client’s maintenance process for security services. The idea of utilizing NFC technology in CERTEGO’s maintenance processes initiated from using NFC tags to follow-up equipment better. The maintenance requests were earlier carried out by phone and the maintenance reports were done manually in paper. The only document about the maintenance was the work order. With a digital service and mobile application, CERTEGO would provide clients real-time information about equipment’s condition and maintenance.

NFC technology provides information about equipment and helps in maintenance

CERTEGO’s solution includes individual NFC identifier with a code, attached to each door, door mechanism or access system. The client reads NFC tag with a smart phone and places a maintenance order with mobile app. Each item is identified when the order is placed. The client is able to follow how maintenance work progresses in real time via service. A complete maintenance history of the equipment is found in the service, which offers a tool for knowledge management. The service also provides information about the annual maintenance status as well as detailed product information.

The NFC identifier used in the service is for all surfaces and a smart phone readable tag. A tag will lead general user to CERTEGO web site, but when used through the mobile application, it will lead to CERTEGO’s maintenance service. “Tag has CERTEGO’s colours and logo and the tag size is ideal 30×30 mm, so it suits our sights perfectly. FENTEC (former Toptunniste) delivered just the right product for our maintenance services”, tells Tero-Tapio Taavitsainen from CERTEGO.

More efficient processes save resources and improve customer service

NFC identification gives visibility to customer service and makes it user friendly. Client gets real time information about the maintenance process and the equipment condition. The service request is easily done with the mobile service. Documentation and reports to authorities become easier.

The service provides more precise information about real estates, as equipment’s status and recurring faults are easier to maintain. The follow-up of the entities can be done more extensively as well as intervening to problems when needed.

The service also assists CERTEGO’s activities. For example in repair requests, it is clear which equipment in question, which makes work easier and quicker. The service provides information about the components needed for the equipment, so the right tools are reserved for the maintenance visit.

CERTEGO’s digitalized maintenance service and the way of working are new. The aim was to modernize the service as well as to add and grow more value to customer’s business. The purpose is to develop the service further based on customer expectations.

The service was launched in the end of year 2018 based on client demand. The service is best suited for sights where is a need to manage several doors and access systems. Except for doors and door mechanisms, the service is also used in security solutions for premises, such as camera surveillance and offence reporting. The pilot cases have been carried out in the shopping centre and the hospital.



CERTEGO is a leading Nordic provider of complete security solutions. CERTEGO creates secure, innovative systems tailored to customer needs, from maintenance services to large, international projects. CERTEGO ensures reliable solutions for daily use with inclusive service and maintenance. CERTEGO offers security you can trust.


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