New CEO of FENTEC Group Jari Kinnunen: “We are looking for global growth with 24/7 smart space solutions”

New CEO of FENTEC Group Jari Kinnunen: “We are looking for global growth with 24/7 smart space solutions which provably help our customers succeed”

Jari Kinnunen has started as CEO of the new RFID technology company FENTEC Group on 7th September 2020. He transferred to his position from Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging business unit.

FENTEC Group, the leading Finnish company specializing on radio frequency identification, boasts well known customer references and highly experienced and competent personnel. Kinnunen starts building a strong international company together with key customers and partners.

“In a rapidly changing business environment, a need for solutions that help improve predictability and develop business is apparent. These solutions help in gathering real-time data and gain visibility into business processes. Benefits gained include minimizing product loss and improving productivity. We respond to these needs by easily deployable and customer-oriented solutions, which help in growing profitability”, tells Jari Kinnunen.

FENTEC Group’s intelligent RFID solutions help customers improve their service offering

In global markets there is a growing need for 24/7 smart space solutions, which are used for automatizing operations in unmanned spaces. In the future, solutions enable new and innovative service offering for an increasing number of companies and end-users. Smart spaces are not industry specific, hence they can be varied to different kind of use. Unmanned 24/7 warehouse and storage spaces are examples of these solutions.

“Our customers are not buying just products and technology, but full services. Our highly competent team is developing solutions, that enable our customers turn their operations into competitive advantage for their own clients. With our scalable products, customers are able to offer services, which have direct impact to their success. It is great to take part in making our partners growth feasible”, says Kinnunen.

The knowhow of two experienced RFID experts completes each other and enables development of world-class products and service concepts for customers. Investment in R&D of new solutions is essential part of company’s growth strategy to meet the growing demand.

“As a CEO of FENTEC Group, Jari brings strong contribution in leadership for both technology expertise and international business. Sustainability aspect is part of team work as well as R&D. With solutions supporting Lean methodology, customers are able to reduce product loss, save environment and resources. Intelligent solutions in different phases of supply chain cut e.g. a need for travel, and information transfers efficiently inside organizations as well as between them. With solutions like these, we aim far ahead to the future, envisions Samuli Strömberg, Member of the Board.

FENTEC Group is a leading Finnish company developing and implementing turnkey RFID solutions. FENTEC Group offers its customers world-class RFID based smart spaces and industry specific solutions for automatic identification.

FENTEC Group unites two strong Finnish RFID technology companies, Toptunniste and Fentec Partners, who both have almost two decades of expertise in automatic identification, data capture and unmanned smart storage solutions. FENTEC Group also serves global customers by high value and reliable RFID and NFC components – tags, devices, software tools and service.


FENTEC Group Ltd.
Jari Kinnunen, CEO, phone +358 400 846 167

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