FENTEC Group unites two strong RFID companies

ToP Tunniste and Fentec Partners unite their forces

Finnish RFID technology companies, ToP Tunniste Ltd and Fentec Partners, are uniting their forces. The shares of both companies have been transferred to recently founded FENTEC Group Ltd. on 3.7.2020. Through this merger, FENTEC Group will become a leading Finnish company developing and implementing turnkey RFID solutions. In the future the company seeks strong growth both in Finnish and international markets.

Jari Kinnunen has been appointed as CEO of FENTEC Group. Kinnunen will start in his position 7th September 2020. He will transfer to his new position from Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging business unit and has an extensive experience in the field of RFID.

FENTEC Group’s intelligent RFID solutions enhance customers’ business performance

Founded on the strong Finnish RFID cluster, the new FENTEC Group boasts well known customer references and highly experienced and competent personnel. FENTEC Group relies on an international partner network and is interested in expanding that going forward.

Customers will benefit from the merger through comprehensive, productized RFID solutions offering. FENTEC Group offers its customers world-class RFID based smart spaces and industry specific solutions for automatic identification.

Pikespo Invest to boost growth

Pikespo Invest Oy Ltd, a Tampere based private equity company, is coming along as an owner of FENTEC Group. This brings new expertise and connections for international growth in an already familiar industry field.

“It is great to be boosting a technology company with such a long market experience and deep technical expertise. This is why customers’ trust us in the core of their operations. Neither of the companies were looking for a buyer. As companies’ strengths complemented each other so well, we found a common ground to start building an international growth story, tells Antti Rauhala, Chairman of the Board at FENTEC Group.

“After operating in RFID industry for so long, it is great to notice how ever-increasing number of companies and end-users benefit from RFID based solutions. According to our strong customer references, 24/7 available unmanned storage and warehouse solutions and smart spaces create undeniable customer benefits. These solutions have growing demand in the global market place”, continues Samuli Strömberg, Member of the Board.


Fentec Partners Ltd is a technology expertise company, who develops RFID based smart spaces which can be placed e.g. in cabinets or containers. Development of RFID products and services, that improve customers’ business results, include 24/7 unmanned storage and warehouse solutions. Company owns several product patents. Turnkey service implementation starts from pragmatic and customer experience centered R&D process continuing all the way to installation and deployment.

ToP Tunniste Ltd is a leading Finnish technology company, who develops intelligent RFID identification and data capture solutions. Extensive expertise on technology, agile operations and innovative RFID solutions enhance customers’ processes and productivity in many industry sectors, such as healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and services. Company was founded in 2002.


FENTEC Group Ltd
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ToP Tunniste/FENTEC Group Ltd
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Fentec Partners/FENTEC Group Ltd
Jari Nokkala, Technology Director, +358 50 538 1569

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