FENTEC appoints Markus Kihlström as a Sales Director

FENTEC welcomes Markus Kihlström to join the crew

FENTEC is growing stronger <3

We are delighted to welcome our new crew member, Markus Kihlström, on board. As FENTEC’s Sales Director, Markus will lead the sales team and take a main role in creating international distributor network for FENTEC 24/7 Solution business, intended for last mile logistics and vendor management (VMI).

Markus joins FENTEC after 20+ years of experience in international business and sales at Lillbacka, Microsoft and Nokia.

”Markus brings broad experience in building our overseas sales, and his skills in customer relations and distribution network management will be a great asset in developing our customer processes,” tells Jari Kinnunen, CEO of FENTEC.

”I’m excited to join a growth company offering world-class RFID solutions and have an opportunity to be in a vantage point in creating a FENTEC growth story,” says Markus. ”What a motivator it is to have an impact on what kind of company FENTEC will be in future”.

FENTEC 24/7 Solution™ includes integrated and automated 24/7 available storages for last mile logistics in unmanned hubs. The solution helps service providers (VMI) and in-house logistics operations grow their business with better customer service.

Service and products can be easily offered at point of use, ensuring there are no stock-outs that prevent continuous work flow. FENTEC 24/7 Solution tracks inventory real-time and places automatic reorders, integrating consumption data into customers ERP or background systems, enabling efficient sales forecasting and reporting. The solution is applicable in many customer environments, i.e in manufacturing sites, maintenance, health case, offices or point of sales. FENTEC 24/7 Solution is already in use in Finland and piloted in Nordic countries.


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