FENTEC and RFID Solutions join forces in bringing automated 24/7 service points to Norwegian market

FENTEC and RFID Solutions bring innovative and automated 24/7 service points to Norwegian market

FENTEC and RFID Solutions AS have signed an agreement for distribution and service of FENTEC 24/7 Solution in Norway. Innovative FENTEC 24/7 Solution™ consists of automated onsite self-service points enabling sales, rental and lending services. Besides enhanced sales with 24/7 service availability, asset tracking provides real-time data of consumption, usage and stock. FENTEC 24/7 Solution is optimal for many business sectors, i.e. construction, industrial, healthcare and service sectors.

RFID Solutions AS is an innovative solutions provider helping customers leverage IOT and serialized ID technology to gain traceability, circularity, value chain transparency, automation and process efficiency. The foundation of the company is using data capture and traceability information as the infrastructure for services. RFID Solutions provides specialized solutions for customers in industrial, logistics, construction, retail, healthcare, oil & gas and aqua & agriculture industries.

“RFID Solutions AS is the leading RFID player in Norwegian market with very similar approach and mentality for business as in FENTEC. I feel this partnership will be very fruitful for both companies and I’m looking forward to work alongside with Hallgeir, Geir and the whole team,” says Markus Kihlström, Sales Director of FENTEC.

“We have identified the checkout process and keeping inventory of cabinets as a recurring need for our customers trying to act on real-time data. An important concept in gaining value chain transparency is the ability to monitor what happens in processes or at locations. We will continue to add value for customers processes, and now we also have FENTEC 24/7 Solution, cabinets and checkout rooms, to complement our offering,” tells Geir Vevle, CIO of RFID Solutions AS.


More information about RFID Solution AS: https://rfid-solutions.no/

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