FENTEC broadens into healthcare sector with the new distributor Ciegus

FENTEC broadens into healthcare sector with the new distributor Ciegus Oy

Ciegus Oy has started as FENTEC’s official distributor in Finland. Ciegus is responsible for sales and service of the FENTEC 24/7 Solution™ and product family to customers in healthcare and well-being sector.

Ciegus is a Nordic innovator in medication management and healthcare solutions for hospitals, healthcare centers, home care and  assisted living. Ciegus’ offering includes Closed-Loop Medication Management compatible PharmaTablet Service for healthcare professionals delivering medication.

“Ciegus’ strong knowledge and network of healthcare and well-being sector gives an excellent basis for cooperation and growth in this market segment. We are looking forward to cooperation with Sanna Eilola and the Ciegus team,” tells Markus Kihlström, Sales Director of FENTEC.

FENTEC’s solution completes Ciegus product portfolio. Innovative FENTEC 24/7 Solution is a set of automated online self-service points for sales, rental and lending. In healthcare, the solution enables 24/7 service availability and essential product and equipment supply with secure access for authorized users.

“FENTEC’s products and know-how are state-of-the-art. In healthcare sector I see lots of possibilities where FENTEC’s solutions could be used to streamline and lean the material flow management. I am excited about our partnership!” says Sanna Eilola, Managing Director of Ciegus Oy.

More information about Ciegus: https://laaketabletti.fi


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