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FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet

FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet is an intelligent and real-time storage solution, which identifies products, users and stock-takings as well as makes an automatic inventory after each interaction. FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet takes care of the product balance in stock and places automatic product orders via information systems when needed. This improves equipment and product availability at all times.

Real-time inventory tracking increases visibility and enhances operations management. Product consumption tracking assists in allocating products and expenses better. This leads to cost savings due reduced product loss.

FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet includes a small storage or cabinet with RFID technology and software application for monitoring data and integrating it to other information systems. The products placed in the FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet are equipped with RFID tags, which enables identifying products automatically when placing them to storage or taking them out. The locked FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet is opened with personal NFC tag, which identifies the authorized user. The solution enables tracking the individual user, what items were taken from stock and when. The information helps in allocating expenses and reduces product loss remarkably.

FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet can be integrated into Client’s information systems, such as ERP or Asset Management System. This enables automatic product orders from stock directly to system, when the product balance alerts.


FENTEC 24/7 Cabinet ensures product availability at all times, since an automatic order system places re-filling orders when the system alerts.

Real-time inventory tracking increases visibility and enhances operations management. Tracking the product consumption assists in allocating products better. It helps in getting data of which project the equipment was used for as well as in reporting and allocating expenses. Read more about the benefits below.

Intelligent storage indentifies users and manages inventory real-time
  • Placing FENTEC 24/7 Industrial Cabinets is easy and secures equipment availability 24/7
  • Real-time storage tracking: information received about who, what and when
  • Automatic inventory and product orders
  • Helps allocating stock-takings into correct work or project
  • Product consumption follow-up, reporting and resource planning
  • Product loss is minimized and cost savings gained
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