HAAVI Platform™

HAAVI Platform™ - Core solution for data capturing

FENTEC HAAVI Platform™ is a core of a RFID management system, an integration solution that collects data. It is a RFID platform for software and a database for the data collected.

HAAVI Platform provides key functionalities for all RFID based solutions:

  • Collects RFID events (and other data) from data capture devices
  • Includes tools for RFID device management
  • Forms reports from event data (what, where, when…)
  • Serves a system management and interfaces

HAAVI Platform is a ready-made solution to be easily customized for various data collecting needs.


HAAVI Platform collects RFID events and data from RFID devices, and creates RFID reports from raw data. Reports are transmitted to customers’ back-end systems. Monitoring and configuration of RFID devices is done with HAAVI via Web user interface. HAAVI manages RFID data capture devices, which typically are fixed RFID gates or RFID readers, located at customer’s site.


Another platform, Business Logic Platform, is needed to support customer specific requirements. Business Logic Platform reports process specific rules and business logic to back-end systems, which are typically customer-specific information systems, such as MES, ERP or WMS. The Platform transforms data into readable format for back-end systems and interfaces.


HAAVI Platform can be integrated to 3rd party information systems, like ERP, WMS, MES or BI. Hence, the data collected is available for the whole organization when needed. Interfaces to additional solutions (mobile and web tools) and information systems are defined and implemented in cooperation with the customer.

FENTEC has long and wide experience in implementing various types of interfaces to customers’ back-end systems, for example:

  • Database connections (ODBC, shared databases or tables, direct connection schema)
  • Web Service SOAP (XML) e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Kepserver/OPC
  • File transfer, Email etc. manual or semi-automatic interfaces

HAAVI Platform offers an intelligent ready-made and customizable solution for data collecting. The platform is applicable to many types of RFID solutions and business logic. The final RFID solution is always unique depending on the customer-specific requirements. Read more about the benefits below.

Ready-made HAAVI Platform is easily customized for data collecting
  • Quick and easy system deployment, enables quick pilots
  • No need for experiments, has been tested in real usage environments
  • Risks are minimized
  • Operational configuration possibilities
  • Standardized deployment process
  • Possibility to scale the solution further
  • Customization of a ready-made platform is cost-effective
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