eKANBAN Solution

eKANBAN Solution – Optimizes production processes

FENTEC eKANBAN Solution is an intelligent solution created for workflow planning and visualization: an electronic Kanban board, which is monitored via cloud-based application. The solution enhances product processes by combining the Kanban and RFID technologies in a new innovative way. eKANBAN optimizes production processes according to Lean philosophy.

eKANBAN Solution is easily adapted to work process management in many business sectors.


The eKANBAN board is located in the production and a card is attached to the board for each of the open work phase or material needed in the production. The data in the card is red through RFID technology and reported to eKANBAN system, which can be used for monitoring the open work phases or need for a certain material in the production.

When the work phase is started, the card is transferred from the board to e.g. a trolley, which travels in the production during the whole work phase. When the card is removed from the eKANBAN board, it will also exit from the open tasks in the eKANBAN system. The trolley movements in the production can be followed via the eKANBAN system. When the material is produced or the work phase is finished, the card is returned to be reused. When there is a need for more material, the card will be placed to eKANBAN board again.


The eKANBAN system can be integrated to client’s information systems, like ERP or MES. Automatic timers can be attached to eKANBAN system, to express e.g. when the card has been placed to the board or how long the production will run unless a certain component is produced more. The reports can be available for the whole organization and the clients, when needed.


The eKANBAN Solution offers an intelligent work tool especially for production planning and management in manufacturing industries. It is easily adapted to work process management in many business sectors. Read more about the benefits below.

An intelligent tool for production planning and management
  • Work phases are realized according to client’s order, just in time (JIT)
  • Improved demonstration of the workflow with visual eKANBAN board
  • Secured production material availability and minimized capital invested
  • Improved production management, control and visibility through information systems
  • Planning and steering work become easier
  • Automated work process minimizes errors and increases productivity
  • Costs are saved
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